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DAILY PURCHASE LIMITS are applied to all accounts taking many factors in consideration. is our payment processor for ALL payments and we recommend that you register with for an account and follow their guidelines to verify your account with them as verification is one of our main factors in our daily purchase limit amounts.


Customers using a VERIFIED PAYMENT* and that have an active account with for longer than 3 months will have daily purchase limit of ($150.00 PER 24 HOUR PERIOD).

Customers using a VERIFIED PAYMENT* and that have an active account with for longer than 2 weeks but less than 3 months long will have daily limit of ($120.00 PER 24 HOUR PERIOD).

Customers using a UNVERIFIED PAYMENT* will have daily limit of ($60.00 PER 24 HOUR PERIOD). There is no daily limit increase for UNVERIFIED Paypal accounts.

ALL NEW ACCOUNTS with have daily limit of ($60.00 PER 24 HOUR PERIOD). This applies to ALL NEW CUSTOMERS.  The daily limit will automatically be increase according to verified/unverifed status when the account is older than 2 weeks.

* VERIFIED PAYMENTS are any payments received from Paypal as verified. ALL Paypal users can become verified as this is available to everyone that can sign up for a Paypal account. You can obtain a verified account by visiting and register for an account. Once you sign up for an account you will find a link inside your account something like VERIFY MY ACCOUNT. Follow their simple steps and you will become verified. Please note, if you are using a credit card to make payments thru Paypal, you will also have to VERIFY YOUR CREDIT CARD or your payment will not arrive to us as verified. There will be a link inside your Paypal account to verify your credit card as there was to verify your account.

** UNVERIFIED PAYMENTS. Because we know that some users want to try out our site to make sure we are legit and everything works fine before they go thru the process of creating a verified Paypal account, we have a small daily limit set aside for unverified users. This will allow you to try our site using your credit card to make payment thru Paypal without having to create a Paypal account. We allow a user to use an unverified payment for a short period of time as a trial test but we recommend you get a verified Paypal account as soon as you can as this trial period is only a limited time for each account and after that time if you are not verified we will block the account. is designed for customers using a verified Paypal account with a verified credit or debit card on file with Paypal. That is how you can receive the most benefit from  If you need to order more codes than our daily site limits, please visit our affiliate site.        

We encourage all users to try, even if it is only buy a single code, see how easy, fast and reliable our system is. Once you have done so, create a verified Paypal account and enjoy to the maximum.

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